Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Story Time! ~ THE LITTLE MERMAID A SPECIAL SONG Read Along ~ Disney Bedtime Stories Read Aloud

Follow along as Gma reads The Little Mermaid A Special Song aloud. It's King Triton's birthday, and Sebastian has planned a very special performance in his honor! Ariel will sing while the orchestra plays a brand new tune. But when a young mermaid named Coral plays her instrument poorly at rehearsals, Sebastian angrily storms off. Ariel sees that Coral is upset and embarrassed, so she shows the little mermaid some of her favorite spots to cheer her up. The next day, Ariel hear Coral singing a beautiful song at the grotto and thinks Coral should sing for the king, too! Can Ariel convince the timid young mermaid to overcome her fears and sing for King Triton?

This story is from the book "5 Minute Princess Stories" All illustrations are directly from the book and are the property of Disney Enterprises Inc.

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