Sunday, March 8, 2020

Grandma Needs Your Support

As of January 1,2020 Grandma's House had to change some of the format of the channel due to the COPPA policies. This channel has been 98% directed towards young children. Children are my passion and I truly don't want to stop making content. I will no longer be able to communicate with my subscribers through the comments and you will not be able to receive notification when I upload a new video. You also will not see my videos in your suggested list and they will not show up in a general search. You will have to search for Grandma's House or you can Subscribe and click on my icon to go to my channel. It saddens me that this is happening because of some bad apples. I will not be able to produce new content without monetization. Since I will not be able to monetize my books I have set up this Patreon page. This way for as little as $2 a month I can continue to create new content for our young viewers. I don't want YouTube to turn into an unsafe place for children.

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